Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Non-Fanatic Mac User

Non-Fanatic Mac User

Are those laptop parts?

Well it appears the mac mini is using notebook hard disks and optical drives. If this is the case, Apple has effectivly increasesd the volumes on these key components of ibooks. I wouldn't be surprised if it is all the same ibook hardware.

I bet we might see another price drop on ibooks, once we have a quarter or mini mac revenue.

MAybe the powerbooks will also drop as well. Depending on the internals of the next generation powerbooks.

I want a mini

After checking out the Macworld recaps...all I can say is send me a Mac Mini.

It is about 40 times cool than expected. It appeals to the people looking for something small, people who love great design, and people with a small budget. What a great place to be. This is the firfly off the shelf like hotcif these st mac I want for myself because it is cool, and I can recommend for my mom because it is cheap.

Don't be surprised if these fly of the shelves like hotcakes. I expect it to sell to some switchers, lots of adders and many mac users using B&W G3s, cubes and older Powermacs.

Right now I am picturing one hooked up to something like this

Instant desktop entertainment center.

My biggest wish...that with this Apple gets some traction in the enterprise. What accessory goes better with a flat panel monitor?