Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Airport Express: that was easy

So I was finally ready to set up a wireless network at my house. I have set up a couple with Netgear and Linysys routers. In each case it took anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to set up wired or wireless networks.

When I went to my store I went back and forth on the airport express for the print server or Netgear for a fairly cheap price. Eventually the print server and wireless music won out. (Later in the day I was trying to set up wireless with a powerbook, netgear router and a new DSL connection....let's just say it was unsuccessful. Oddly enough the powerbook picked up the correct settings from the router, but could not administer the router)

So I went home, opened the box, loaded the CD into my ibook. Well I didn't need the CD since I had recently run software update and upgraded the airport utilities.

After that I plugged in the ethernet cable from my modem, plugged in my airport express and waited for the green light to come on. When I looked in my available networks and saw "Apple Network XYZ."

I ran the setup wizard, created a network and applied the settings. Then I connected to my renamed network and I was online. It took 10 minutes, including the time to take off the plastic wrap on the Airport Express. I couldn't believe it was so straightforward.

Next time my friends are asking me about wireless networks...I think Airport Express is the wat to go.


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