Monday, November 14, 2005

Forced Obsolecence..Boycott the iTunes Store

Well I decided to update my iTunes. I haven't synced my iPod for a bit because I hadn't added any new songs. Today I purchased a few songs, imported a couple of CDs and decided to connect my iPod. Well my recent purchased apparently are too new for my 3G iPod. when I attempted to sync the iTunes told me "your ipod software is too old for some of your songs, please update at the Apple website." So I updated my iPod software and so on. Too bad it didn't do anything and I got the same message.

So that means I won't be buying any more tracks from iTunes since I can't even sync them too my iPod. Isn't that the point?

I'll be shopping at some other download sites with Mp3s...since my iPod is no longer supported by the iTunes store. And people wonder why legal downloads are not that popular.

If Apple won't support my ipod, I won't support their store.


Blogger Stridey said...

Just for the record, it seems most people don't have this problem. Macrumors forum here

1:26 PM  

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