Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who should I sue?

Well first I heard about this silly lawsuit
Tech Dirt Link

And now crazy people are suing Apple for iPod Volume?

So I'm either suing book publishers for papercuts. Maybe match makers because of the risk of fire around flammable substances. And of course water companies for making me have to go to the bathroom at night.

Is the MacBook Pro the PowerBook G5 I've been waiting for?

Well I have been looking for the unicorn of the computer industry. The PowerBook G5. After months of rumors and prototypes, the waiting game with IBM and finally defeat, the PowerBook G4s have been retired.

So right after the keynote, I Apple notebook is here; but I think I'll wait for the bugs to be cleared.

And then I thought well the MacBooks won't be shipping in volume until March. Waiting 6 weeks for the hands on reports will put me in May. And suddenly Intel will be shipping Merom.

Guess I'll be holding out for a wide-book iBook. Or see you at Rev B.