Monday, July 05, 2004

New imacs in September?

This is a revelation. What ever happened to, we do not discuss future products. Did Apple just admit there will be a new product in the future?

Miracles never cease. What's next, we are working on a powerbook g5 that we are aiming to release next year? We will release an upgraded ipod for the Christmas buying season. We will update keynote with new features.

What's next a product roadmap?

MAybe this will mark the end of the policy of secrecy. Apple doesn't need to spell out features and pricing for Mac users to remain interested, just admitting the products exist will help fuel speculation, The amazing result, analysts starting saying the current lull is an ideal time to buy Apple stock. And as useual it created a multitude of media coverage, if not more than usual.

Hopefully we are marking a new day in Apple history, and maybe Apple will start giving us a clue where they are heading.