Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I want a mini

After checking out the Macworld recaps...all I can say is send me a Mac Mini.

It is about 40 times cool than expected. It appeals to the people looking for something small, people who love great design, and people with a small budget. What a great place to be. This is the firfly off the shelf like hotcif these st mac I want for myself because it is cool, and I can recommend for my mom because it is cheap.

Don't be surprised if these fly of the shelves like hotcakes. I expect it to sell to some switchers, lots of adders and many mac users using B&W G3s, cubes and older Powermacs.

Right now I am picturing one hooked up to something like this

Instant desktop entertainment center.

My biggest wish...that with this Apple gets some traction in the enterprise. What accessory goes better with a flat panel monitor?


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