Thursday, June 03, 2004

is the Tech Industry like Elementary School?

Scott McNealy, Larry Elison, Carly Fiorina, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Case, Meg Whitman, or Larry Page.

Who is best dressed? Who is most popular? Who is most likely to succeed?

But the most common game in tech, is pretty similar to, "give me a cookie I will be your best friend" (well until someone else brings better cookies.)

With all the hubbub in the rumors sites and the media regarding Toshiba's alleged slip-up revealing that Apple will be using a new mini 60gb hard drive.

Did Toshiba screw up a good thing? I mean iPods sales are increasing 900$ every quarter, and no cool kid would be caught dead without one, or any bus rider, subway rider, "L" rider, metro rider, BART rider or pedestrian. And the commercials get almost as much buzz as anything that was at the Super Bowl.

So how mad will Apple be at this latest leak? Look to Hitachi to provide future iPod drives? Tel Toshiba to settle for Nomad jukeboxes only? Will Toshiba give Apple a big discount? Even if the rumor is true, it won't keep people from buying new ones. The only people who might already have an iPod, and are ready to move up? It's not like Toshiba leaked,

"We have developed a new low-power LCD screen with clarity and sharpness that rivals HD TV. This screen will be available in 3" models and Apple is planning to use them in the upcoming viPod. With the new 60gb hard drives we are releasing, you will be able to bring you movies with you, and play your downloads from the Quicktime iMovie store. We have developing this in secret with Apple over the past few months. We have also come to an agreement with Apple to bundle iTunes with our notebooks, and we will be reselling the viPod"

I think the real story is, the new 60gb hard drive will be using in the new thin and light ibook.

No way you say? Why not, we already know the ibook is meant to be the battery life leader in the Apple portable lineup. And there has to be some arbitrary feature to differentiate the ibooks from the powerbooks. Like currently the white case and the limit to 60gb hard drives.

Well mini hard drives are the perfect way to get ipod mini like ibooks. There could be matching colors and a move to metal, in a small wide screen design like the mockups all over the place on the message boards. These units will be designed for the classroom, not the boardroom. With built in bluetooth, optional wifi, and the new wireless firewire standard built in, this ibook with handle your life to go. From the library to the cafe to the iPVR in your living room, your ibook will act as a digital hub, streaming your itunes to your ipod, your iphoto slideshows to your TV and your imovies to your DVD player.

Forget about iPods, Apple is going back to computers!

Otherwise we will go back to being spectators in the playground fight between Toshiba and Apple.


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